Lamb Offerings

Lamb Chop Frenched


Sourced frozen from New Zealand, Australia or Fresh from Northern California from Superior Farms. All Pasture Raised. 

lolipop lamb recipe

Leg of Lamb


Our Homemade Merguez Sausages are made using fresh Northern California Pasture Raised Lamb Leg from Superior Farms. Leg of Lamb are also great for roasting. 

leg of lamb recipe

Lamb Chop


Lamb chops are delicious made by Pan Roast method using a cast iron skillet and oven combo. 

lamb chop recipe

Lamb Shank


Lamb Shank are perfect for a stew with a combination of hearty vegetables using a dutch oven. 

Lamb Shank Recipe

Lamb Ground


We carry frozen ground lamb in the freezer section but will ground fresh lamb if available and upon request. 

Ground Lamb & Potatoes