Wild Seafood

Scottish Salmon


Raised in the remote salt water sea lochs and Islands of Scotland. It takes our salmon around three years to reach their harvest weight whereupon we swiftly process to deliver Scotland’s Finest quality. 

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Local Halibut


Wild and local from Alaska to California coastal oceans. 


Alaskan Cod


Wild from the deep cold waters of Alaska. 

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U-10 Scallops


The U10 designation means that they are 10 or fewer to the pound, which means that just a few of them make a substantial meal, and the creamy, rich flavor is all there. Many people have forgotten what real scallops taste like. 

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Collossal Shrimp 8-12

Wild from the Pacific Ocaen waters.

Wild from the Pacific Ocean waters. 

Garlic & Butter Prawns

Chillean Seabass


The Patagonian toothfish is a species of notothen found in cold waters between depths of 45 and 3,850 m in the southern Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans and Southern Ocean on seamounts and continental shelves around most Subantarctic islands.

Ponzu Seabass